Diana Andreotti Couture

Diana Andreotti - Couture à porter Cosmopolitan taste and traditional tailoring

Diana Andreotti - Couture à porterLes Fleurs du Mal

Les fleurs du mal is contrast, fluctuation, androgyny, sensuality, fancy glamour. Creatures with extreme beauty, cradling in languid atmosphere, continuously fluctuating between the ecstasy of life and l’ennui.
The lines and volumes are opposition, extremism, empty and full of black and white. The textures remind to the sensorial journey, the fabrics caress the body and elevate it to its highest level. A path which touch all maximum limits of body, mind and soul, comparing them, often putting them in contrast, but merging them in a sophisticated and extreme mix.


Diana Andreotti - Couture à porterSkyline

Skyline the urban warrior capsule collection. A premium and limited line of products featuring high end fabrications, amplified design details and the perfect mix of streetwear and couture. Inspired by urban landscapes of metropolitan city, high street style as “street couture”, geometrical lines and un- conventional mix of fabric direct this collection.


Diana Andreotti - Couture à porterDiana

Diana Andreotti Couture mixes cosmopolitan taste and traditional tailoring, refined aesthetic Italian style and Mediterranean fascination.
Tailoring is the brand’s ethic, but the challenge is to constantly apply it to the research and creativity, merging tradition and innovation.


Cosmopolitan taste and traditional tailoring
Diana Andreotti - Couture à porter